Birthday Outing

We took a trip out to the Museum of Computing in Swindon. I’ve always thought that having a small museum like this where people could play on consoles from their childhood would be a good idea, it looks like this place beat me to it.

My favourite room had to be the one that most people passed through all too quickly. I especially enjoyed playing on the Spectrums and the much loved Atari ST.

There were also cabinets about the place which the various decades’ models on display (incidentally, the 80s cabinet houses most of the contents in my loft backing up my theory that they’re a good investment).

There was a nice cabinet of retro handhelds too and was very pleased to see my two favourite games I had in there. Sadly they’ve been binned many many years ago.

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Legoland 2016

We were very fortunate enough to be offered free VIP tickets (meaning we got to jump all the loooooong queues) to Legoland and it was such a fun day.

First stop was my favourite ride of all, the Atlantis submarines. I’ve always loved these especially how these glass bottomed boats give the impression you’re fully submerged – very clever.

I was very pleased to see that Charlie was keen to venture into the Star Wars exhibition. On other visits to the park he had previously avoided it as it was a little scary looking for a little boy. He was mesmerised by some of the large battle scenes.

My favourite was the Death Star and my photograph doesn’t do it justice. This this was huge, at least 10 feet in diameter complete with TIE fighters and X-Wings chasing each other around it.

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