Raspberry Pi Project

I wanted to get a bit more practice writing tutorials, so I submitted a simple tutorial to Instructables.com this weekend. I was really pleased to see it got featured in one of the Editor’s Choice section and hit over a thousand views in 24 hours.

If you have an old model Raspberry Pi or a Pi Zero and stuck for something to do then this simple project might just be for you. It’s all based around number stations, relics of the Cold War that transmit cryptic messages to spies out in the field. This tutorial shows how to broadcast over FM your very own station. Read it here.


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Day Trip to London

We took a trip out to London today. First stop was the new Lego store which I found to be a great place to watch people spend a small fortune on overpriced Lego kits. Still, the models in the store were really interesting to see.

We visited Tower Bridge after lunch. This is a place that I’ve always wanted to visit, especially the engine rooms. I love this photograph of the boy.

The glass walkways are a little scary. That’s Charlie on the right of the photograph. Absolutely fearless as he watches the traffic below.

Made it to the engine rooms below and they didn’t disappoint.

Sadly they weren’t raising the bridge today, through we did get to see it when we visited HMS Belfast a couple of years ago here.

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