Arcade Cabinet Build

It’s been slow going but the arcade cabinet I’m building took a big step forward today as I installed the joystick and buttons.  They were slow to arrive (probably a very slow boat from China), easy to wire up and a pain to drill the holes and install but they’re working great and really change the feel of the games, as they’re now being played how they should be.

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Blast from the Past

At the beginning of the year and old youth club leader, Geoff Harrison sadly passed away. Several months later his huge collection of slides of all the hiking trips the club went on over the many many years the club was running for surfaces. I was able to meet up with a couple of the old members today having not seen them for nearly 20 years and we caught up whilst attempting to start scanning the thousands of old slides.

The period I was hoping to see, mainly the mid nineties has sadly been lost over time but I did manage to spot myself in a few of them. We’re now looking at getting the whole collection online in an attempt to connect with other old members of the Grantham Adventure Club.

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Tweeting Whatever the Weather

I’m in the process of putting together a couple of nice Raspberry Pi examples to inspire a couple of kids I’m currently giving tutoring sessions in computer programming. This morning I wrote something that hooks into my weather station and extracts a couple of elements from the data produced before posting the results hourly to Twitter. I’m not sure how long I’ll leave it running for, or how long I’ll keep the account open but you can view the villages weather data I’m logging here.

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