My Fruit Foraging Map

Not so long ago I came up with this idea to map all the free fruit I encountered on my adventures and a few months down the line its going ok. I have noticed however that it is somewhat labour intensive and this weekend I’ve been looking at ways to improve the process of recording new finds.

Theres a few database apps out there for the iPhone but the one I particularly like is Tap Forms. With this app I was able to build myself a very simple form for collecting my data. It comprised of three fields: Fruit, Description and Location with the location field utilising the iPhones GPS and populating itself with your exact coordinates.

These photographs are of me testing it yesterday evening whilst out on a bike ride. Due to the ease of it all I was able to quickly map a mile of salisbury Plain’s boundary and was surprised at the amount of apple trees there were. Another great feature about Tap Forms is that the data you collect can be exported as a csv file at the touch of a button. With this in mind I have been able to shoe-horn it into Google Maps with a little bit of effort and all my fruit discoveries are mapped out on one big map for all to see.

As for showing you what the map looks like, I’m afraid I can’t do that yet. You see I’ve been mapping my secret apple tree which only a select few know about and which were used in our cider making last year. As we are planning on making more this year I thought it sensible to protect our crop of apples though I may just remove them so I can show you how the map is progressing.

3 thoughts on “My Fruit Foraging Map

  1. Hi Jez, you may be interested in something me and a couple of friends have been working on – – the map is open to anyone to edit, is linked to a database of plants, and we have just recently released an iphone app.

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