Someone’s Getting Better

Charlie fell ill a week ago and it has been a tough few days for us as we nursed him back to health, mainly with the help of lots of stories and kids tv – the likes of which still have their theme tunes firmly planted in my head.

There was one occasion the other day where he looked so comfy, sat up on the sofa that I tried to capture it in a quick sketch of him.

After we were advised by the NHS phone lines not to take him to see the doctors (thinking about it more and more, I am coming round to the theory that those helplines are just there to put you off going to the doctors), we took him to the doctors where the first question I was asked was why did you leave it this long to come and see me? It’s frustrating to say the least – always go with your gut instinct and don’t follow procedure.

Anyway, now that he’s had a taste of the good stuff in the form of those antibiotics that take me back to my childhood when I smell the bottle, 24 hours later Charlie is back to his old tricks again. Here he is on our evening walk last night.

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