Illustration Friday: Red

There is a red phone box in town that is no longer used and stands as a reminder of those pre-mobile days. I remember queuing for hours outside these things when I was at university back in the day. Little things like this make you realise how fast life has become over the years.

Don’t worry about the little red phone box though, although nobody makes calls from it anymore it’s still a popular tourist attraction so it’s far from lonely.

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Illustration Friday: Robot

The Illustration Friday challenge this week is titled Robot. I used to love Transformers as a kid and still do today, although the Transformers Prime that my son watches takes a little bit of getting used to if you’re faithful to the old shows. For this week’s task I started sketching my favourite Transformer Soundwave and this is the finished product.

Hand drawn in my sketchbook before being scanned and electronically coloured.

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