Car Booting

I’m wanting to start selling retro consoles and games as I think it’s about time to get rid of the majority of my console collection. I’ve been trawling the car boot sales over the last month in a bid to supplement my product range and this has been a bit hit and miss but a great deal of fun. As well as a few games and consoles, I have come away with a few other retro purchases.

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Cheddar Gorge

This weekend saw us camping in Cheddar Gorge with a number of families from our village. Hot, hot, hot but at least the caves were nice and cool when went exploring in them.

Sandwiches at the top of Jacob’s Ladder.

Ice cream reward.

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Back to Bangor

We’re back from visiting our old university town of Bangor after a break of nearly 20 years. The place has changed a great deal since we were last there but there were some pockets of familiarity still left in the town to discover.

Bangor Pier

I was able to have a wonder around my old department and to be honest the place hasn’t changed one bit. It even smelt the same as you walked in.

Bangor SAFS

We also ventured up the hill to the Main Arts building and had an explore around there too. This was where I sat my exams and I remember one hall in particular had a great mural to stare at should you ever look up from your papers. We found it whilst wondering the corridors. I remember seeing The Lightening Seed play on this stage, Charlie liked that very much as he’s rather keen on the band too.

Bangor University Mural

We also explored Snowdonia and other areas too. Whilst visiting Beaumaris over on Anglesey we just happened to be in the right place at the right time to see Blue peter filming at the life boat station there. So this week the Whitworths may make a brief appearance on your screens!

Blue Peter Filming

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Piecing Together Prime

A little over a year ago whilst at a car boot of absolute rubbish I happened upon an old gem of a find in the form of an Optimus Prime trailer for 50p. I bought it with the hope that I would be able to piece together the whole toy, a toy that I received one year for Christmas in the 80s and loved very much. Well today I managed to find the cab for a couple of quid, also at a car boot sale.

I know that these days you can buy a collection or something rare in an instant care of eBay but where’s the fun in that? I sticking with the old fashioned means with this one, trawling the second hand places with the hope of one day completing the Transformer.

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