Defcon 6

Charlie and I paid a visit to the last Defcon comic con today. We’ve always been big fans of this event. Charlie once again dressed as a Jedi.

We got to meet up with some great people once again, including one of my favourite YouTubers James who gave me a tour of his electric Lego skateboard whose progress I’ve been following online for some time now.

I’m always amazed at the standard of costumes there. Some people are just beyond clever.

Loved wondering around all the prop makers’ stalls. Quite fancied ET’s Speak and Spell.

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Château du Close Lucé

Today we visited Leonardo da Vinci’s last place of residence. I found the place to be really interesting, especially the gardens and basements that were displaying working models of his inventions. I especially liked standing in his workshop soaking in the inventiveness.

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18km in a Canoe

This is us canoeing down the Dordogne. Shortly afterwards I had rescued a small boy trapped by the strong current after his family’s canoe capsized. I really hope this hits home with my Charlie the next time he plays up about going to his swimming lessons. 

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