US Videos

Nearly a year ago now I made a quick video short for friends in the US. Yesterday I decided to make another one about our time visiting the Salisbury show and Old Sarum.

If you’re interested, here’s my Salisbury Cathedral short:

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Self Portrait – March 2015

Last weekend we took a trip out to the Winchester Science Centre again. We love places like this especially seeing as though Charlie is becoming more and more interested in discovering the world. We’ve had several family photographs taken in front of these wonky mirrors but this time it was just me that wanted to do it. If you look carefully you can spot a cheeky five year old in the recycling section.

Although we have visited this place several time previous, it was the first time we’ve been to the planetarium. We saw a great film on Google’s Lunar XPRIZE and loved the way Charlie would point out things to us. I do wonder where he learns it all from.

A quick search and I found the video online.

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