The Six Month Milestone

Today I celebrate six months of self employment as I work towards setting up a coding school for kids and young teens here in Salisbury. I can honestly say that each pupil that’s come through First Coding has been so creatively brilliant, it’s such a shame that they struggle to find an outlet. This is why the business has adapted quickly to meet this need and as a result has led me down some fun and interesting routes: creating online resources, giving talks in schools and training teachers to name just a few. The hugest of thanks to everyone who has helped me get here, I’ll be raising a drink to you all later.

First Coding - Salisbury's first coding school

Now I’m no expert, trust me but I’ve been asked if I could detail some points that the last six months have taught me about running a business. So in no particular order…

1. Summarise your business benefits in three points. This will keep you focused.
2. No matter how hard you prepare before you take the bold step into the world of self employment, cashflow will always be a problem to start with.
3. A service is easier to sell than a product.
4. There is never enough money available for marketing.
5. Word of mouth referrals are invaluable to building a sustainable client base.
6. The quality of your work will speak for itself.
7. Say yes to any opportunity that presents itself but remain focused.
8. A favour done for the right reasons will pay dividends down the line.
9. Write a daily to-do list and tackle the worst task of the day first.
10. There is a huge amount of inspirational quotes for every problem you will face. Just remember one – Be the most positive person in the room at all times.
11. Never forget the impact a new business will have on your family. The work-life balance is something that will never be achieved but consider what the change will have on others around you.
12. There is always going to be competition. Remember to tackle it logically and not emotionally.

Now where’s that bottle opener?



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