Today we took a trip out to Southampton and first called at a small Nerd Mart that sells memorabilia and comics. It was nowhere near as big or popular as the bigger Defcon events we’v been to but was still fun and I got to meet some nice prop makers.

We went on to Itchen Valley Country Park afterwards and had a picnic and explore there. Charlie was over the moon to hold one of the owls there. I just love the look on his face in this photograph of them.

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Microbit Tone Synthesiser

I’ve always loved the maths behind tone benders and synthesisers, despite not being musically minded at all. Recently I got my hands on a BBC Microbit and decided to see what I could make it do in terms of tone generation.

Upon start up it selects a series of random notes and repeatedly loops through them. The potentiometers on the front allow you to change the pitch as well as the length of some of the notes in the loop.

In addition to the potentiometers on the front, there are also two buttons at the back that allow you to adjust the temp of all the notes as well as add more notes to the loop.

It’s still very much a work in progress but the current Micro Python code ever can be found here.

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Raspberry Pi Project

I wanted to get a bit more practice writing tutorials, so I submitted a simple tutorial to this weekend. I was really pleased to see it got featured in one of the Editor’s Choice section and hit over a thousand views in 24 hours.

If you have an old model Raspberry Pi or a Pi Zero and stuck for something to do then this simple project might just be for you. It’s all based around number stations, relics of the Cold War that transmit cryptic messages to spies out in the field. This tutorial shows how to broadcast over FM your very own station. Read it here.

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