Takeaway Pi in a Box

We are becoming huge Minecraft fans in this household. What first appears to be a basic building game, soon becomes something cleverly more complex and it’s lovely to see Charlie get all fired up and plan his next build in the game.

Since we now have a couple of Raspeberry Pis I decided to network them so that they can both run the same game of Minecraft on them so Charlie and myself can play on together. Once I got that all working, which didn’t take very long to be honest I set about building a fully portable Minecraft Pi console for Charlie to use. It’s not finished yet and has already taken over a week to build but it’s coming along nicely.

I have also been experimenting some more with their API, designing basic games in Python that the two of us can play.

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Personal Assistant in a Box

This is the latest update for my ‘Personal Assistant in a Box’ – better name coming soon.

The only way I could incorporate voice commands was by building an app for my phone using App Inventor. It then looks for key words (including ‘Please’ or ‘Thank You’ and will only work in the human has some manners!) before instructing the box to carry out the command. I’ve built it in such a way that I can remotely access the box from far away and don’t have to restrict myself to the house to use it.

So far the box can be instructed to

  • Select a random station from a list of radio feeds.
  • Report the current weather conditions for its location
  • Read out text messages (and very nearly emails too)

As to the mechanics of what’s inside the box, well at this point all I can say is that it’s magic.

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