Say Cheese

This evening has been the first time in a long time that I took the camera rig out for a fly on the kite. I was a little nervous taking her up any higher than this as I’m rather rusty and there’s quite a knack to it all that will come again over time. Still, pretty nice though.

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The Mast

I bit the bullet the other night and flew a better camera on my kite. As I still wanted a little more practice with the rig I decided to stick with the fields behind my house just in case anything went wrong again. I’m pleased to say it didn’t and I think I’m now ready to get higher, much higher and to start ticking off a few local landmarks that I want to photograph – mainly Stonehenge and Old Sarum.

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Kestrel x (I’ve lost count of the version I’m on)

After three years of working on various ideas for kite camera rigs, I think I’m finally getting somewhere. Last weekend I went right back to the beginning again and designed a simple harness based on a pendulum. The idea was that having the camera dangling on the end of a long rod which was connected to the kite line would eliminate camera shake…and do you know what? It did and rather well too.

I set myself the challenge of picking a hedge to stand behind and using the kite determine what was on the other side. As the rig is so steady now I even have more control where to point the camera.

I was also confident that I could get some video footage too. Here was the result:

I think I’m now ready to take this out into the big bad world and get some interesting shots that doesn’t involved the testing field behind my house.

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