Card Designs

Nearly two years ago now I produced a couple of marker pen sketches after a visit to friends in Totnes which were going to be considered as postcards. Well this week I’ve had to dig out the originals as theres a strong possibility that printing will take place this summer with a sample run being sold in the town’s bookshop.

Its nice to look back at old drawings and see how my styles changed over time, I guess thats a result of practice and confidence. Its something I don’t do enough of and I’m now inspired to have a nosey round a few older sketchbooks.

They are very nearly there and regular readers will probably remember the orignal image from a previous project. Unfortunately I lost that one due to chopping and changing computers and this is why I had to start from scratch again with them.

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Card Illustrations

I have been asked to produce a series of sketches/paintings with the aim of making them up into cards to be sold. They are to depict scenes of their local area and are to be done in a cartoony/vectorised style similar to this painting I did at the start of the year.

Heres a rough doodle I did at the weekend to see if I was heading down the right path with what they wanted. More detailed work will hopefully follow shortly.

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