The Amesbury Country Market

Today I wanted to see what the other country market was like in the neighbouring town of Amesbury. I took along my bunting and one of my tote bags as I wanted to get some feedback on it. Although the bag didn’t sell today, it received some really nice comments which have encouraged me to make some more. I did however sell some more bunting and I now have to start making more in time for the Shrewton market again in fortnight’s time.

At this stage of the game though, the selling is not top priority – I want to see how the two markets operate and function as well as getting out and meeting the people in my community. I was very pleased to meet some new and creative people as well as a few faces from last week’s market today and all of them made me feel very welcome.

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Shrewton Country Market

We’ve been popping along to the local country market for a few months now and I’ve wanted to get involved recently mainly to meet new, creative people but also have a go at selling some of my creations.

Yesterday was the annual Shrewton Flower Show (here is the last time we visitied) in which the country market had a number of tables selling flowers, plants, baking and crafts and it was the craft table that I contributed my bunting to. I have been making the bunting packs for quite some time now and it was nice to see them out in the open. As a way of getting to know the market people a little better I helped out with the setting up and clearing away afterwards. Here is how the craft table looked when the gates opened.

So the good news is that some of the bunting did sell which is excellent and I now have a better idea as to what patterned material sells best. Even better is the fact that I’ve had some interest in the bags that I make too and the country market in the next town is interested in seeing them. As their market is next week I’m thinking its a little short notice to get cracking on the bags.

Although I was just testing the water with a few items, the day was surprising exhausting but an exciting one. I’ve now had a taster of trading my crafts which has left me excited about the next market.

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