I haven’t posted any commissions lately so here’s one I made earlier. It’s for a nice guy who tapped me up recently and asked me to do a couple of letters for him as he was playing around with ideas for book covers.

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Crowdsourcing and Kites – Update

My previous Crowdsourcing and Kites post has got a lot of people thinking it would appear. I’ve had a number of really good ideas: Obtaining real time results from the ground, adding stabilisers to the kite that adjust automatically to keep it steady in the air and to have something travel up the line to list but a few. Some are a little ambitious but as this project will last the whole year, there’s plenty of time to learn – Plus there’s always the local hacker group on standby who have offered to assist if I get stuck.

There is also the possibility of the casing for my instruments beinge printed with the help of a very useful person. Exciting.

I have also emailed the guys at Answer Me This to get them to check out a few things for me. You should listen to their podcast, you never know, your author may get a mention!

Keep the emails coming people: jez.whitworth [at] hotmail [dot] co [dot] uk

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Crowdsourcing and Kites

We are all familiar with the term Crowdsourcing. An appeal to the public for assistance with money, skills or time in attempt to collectively solve a problem. As I have contributed to a few projects this year I thought I would put an appeal out myself though not for money to get a project off the ground, more along the lines of ideas and skill. **** No idea or offer will be laughed at. I will be grateful of any suggestions and all will be considered ****

In a nutshell, my big idea for 2012 is to fly a kite at high altitude whilst carry a camera and other recording instruments to capture data during the flight. Below is a summary of where I am currently at.

I want to start this project completely from scratch, including the kite. I am very lucky to know some rather clever and creative people who have already volunteered to help me with the kite making part. After taking instruction from my seamstress neighbour, I now have metres of the correct material needed to start production.

Previous flights earlier this year highlighted the need for a winder to bring the kite down quickly and safely. So if you have any thoughts about this please drop me a line on the email below.

I have also been developing a camera rig capable of providing steady shots, so I’m parking this idea for the moment to concentrate on the other instruments. Here is some footage of what I shot last month.

I am currently working on recording temperature during the flight and can get my arduino to record the current temperature whilst recording the lowest and highest values.

And here is where I get off and hopefully hand over to you, the wondrously clever and creative public. I have already had some nice ideas but am always after more to allow me to hit the ground running next year. The ideas I have are so far include:

  • To jettison a piece of paper, appeal to the person who finds it to email me the location of where it landed.
  • To generate its own power.
  • Play bird calls to attract some feathered friends and get some cool shots of birds in flight
  • Record GPS data

So there you have it, my grand plan for next year. If you have any ideas or fancy helping me please drop me a line, I would love to hear from you. I can be reached on my tinkering email address: jez.whitworth [at] hotmail [dot] co [dot] uk

Thank you.

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