I know some of you are following my Wall-E project with interest lately but I’m have some disappointing news _ I’m shelving it. I came very close to breathing life into the little chap, getting it moving on its own whilst avoiding obstacles. The problem came when trying to cram everything into his body.

There is just no room for it all so whilst I look for a larger alternative, I still wanted to give Wall-E a new lease of life and installed a little Ping sensor and an arduino nano to make him into a nice little room guard.

Despite me building everything on a mini breadboard it was still really difficult to get everything to fit inside him because of his size but I got there. I even had a little extra room (only just) to install a nice switch.

Now when he’s turned on, he will sit wherever you want him to and guard the space around him. He will sound an alarm if anyone or anything comes within 60 centimeters of him.

I also programmed a little timer for him too that is activated when Wall-E is switched on. He then stores the time of every intruder as a variable which can be extracted when you plug him into a pc. Not the best way of logging data but I’m working on better means.

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