Self Portrait – March 2014

I haven’t been running as much as I would have liked over the winter and as a result the scales have tipped a little unfavourably. Now that it’s getting lighter in the evenings when I return home from work I can get out and start burning off the winter excess which will be nice.

Have you ever noticed how everyone around you instantly turns into a scientist the moment you mention that you’re trying to lose weight?

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Nike+ sort of fizzled out as soon as Charlie came on the scene but I’m now wanting to start it all up again. I’ve been taking part for a week now and it’s really motivating me which is just what I need. I can see it being really difficult getting back to the pre-parenthood standard of running that I used to be but small steps and all. Below is this evening’s run that involved a great deal of tractor and combine dodging.

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Pot of Gold?

I was about to go for a run last night and this greeted me as I started out. A quick dash back into the house to grab my camera and I managed to get a couple of shots of it before it was gone. It was a massive arch, something which i couldn’t get in one complete shot unfortunately.

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