Workshop Thursday: Steam Beer

This final week of Workshop Thursday features a beer bottle kept from a rather nice Steam themed evening with a friend. We drank Steam Beer whist watching Steam Boy which quickly became a favourite of mine.

Some may argue that the contents in my workshop is just a load of old junk but I hope the last few Workshop Thursdays have proved that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.

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Workshop Thursday: The Storm Kettle

It is a well know fact that when your author is working he needs to be fed and watered every half an hour. As there is no electric supply running out to the workshop one has to be creative at times to get around this obstacle.

This is my storm kettle which I used to have on the go in my allotment shed, now it resides in the workshop. This thing is rather clever indeed. It has a central chamber in which to fill with sticks and paper which when lit will heat the water around it. As its now getting rather old I’ve noticed the water has developed a metally taste that isn’t very pleasant and so it only really gets used in abolutely tea shortage emergencies.

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Workshop Thursday: The Canvas Pile

There used to be this little stationers in town years ago that sold really cheap canvases. I bought a load as I wanted to practice painting without making any costly mistakes and every now and then I used to take one of my canvases and start filling it. They’ve all been used up now: some are really nice, others just look disasterous but I have kept every one of them regardless. There is a shelf in the workshop in which they sit on. I’m not really sure what to do with them, I just don’t have the heart to throw them away.

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Workshop Thursday: The CB Radio

This week’s workshop feature is my cb radio from when I was a kid.

The best memories I have of this thing is coming home from school at lunch with a few friends and we would spend our time winding people up over the airwaves. As mobile phones weren’t that popular back then I discovered there were a number of families dotted around my home town of Grantham all chatting to one another, so there were plenty of people to talk to.

I still fire it up from time to time but the airwaves are quite now and if I’m lucky I’ll only hear a faint ghostly voice that I’d like to think is another workshopper firing up his device and reliving old memories like me.

1-9 for a copy?

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Workshop Thursday: The Altoids Tins

There is always a competition or two doing the rounds which encourage makers to see what things they can make which will fit inside an small Altoids tin. This is why you will always see a few dotted around my workshop. The majority of them are usually filled with wire and lights whilst others remain empty, waiting for the next challenge.

The tin on the right houses a nifty little radio jammer which will mask any FM frequency allowing you to highjack any radio station within a 500 (ish) metre radius. Perfect for when you are stuck in traffic jams as you can predict the majority of drivers will be listening to the BBC.

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